Welcoming Sherlock!

Maret 22, 2017 fikhanza 0 Comments

His name is Sherlock! :D

I'm happy to share, one of my wish list finally came true! In new year eve, I made some wish lists and wrote all of them on Dream Board in my room. One of them is a postman bike.

Seriously guys, I really wanna have this kind of bike. I google it and found London Taxi bike. I think this bike is so meeee, heheh. Then I print the picture and put it on my Dream Board.

I used 
Jenius Dream Saver to make it come true. So I save DR 100.000 every day and finally I can buy my dream bicycle this month. Yeaaaaaaay!

Can't wait to fulfill another dreams. Dream it, write it, and make it come true! Xoxo.

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