Big Bad Wolf 2017

April 22, 2017 fikhanza 1 Comments

People around me knew so well that I really love books! Read a book is my favorite activity (after sleep and eat, of course! Hahaha). I spend almost 1 mio / month to buy new books. Go to the book store and spend hours there, is really heaven for me. That's my kind of shopping!

In April I got an email from Big Bad Wolf 2017 committee and it made me wanna jump. My heart beat faster because I got blogger invitation, a VIP ticket for Big Bad Wolf preview day. GOD!

Arrived at ICE BSD about 1 pm and I found that the hall was already full, huhu. I began my hunt from Hall 8 to Hall 10. I never saw a big hall full of books before. That's amazed me. Seriously I wanna bring all of them to my home. I put as many as book I can handle in trolley. Gosh, I could't handle my excitement because I could get those books in cheap prices. Normally I need to pay minimum IDR 200.000 to buy an import book in or Periplus. But in Big Bad Wolf 2017, it's only IDR 75.000! Hail the wolves! \o/


my trolley :D

One thing I really disappointed about this event was the cashier queue. Can you imagine, I need 6 hours to reach cashier, in VIP preview day! That's not make sense! For Big Bad Wolf committee, seriously guys you need to learn from today. How come you threat your VIP invitation like this? I was so thankful for your invitation, but in the other side, I must write the fact based on my experience. I hope Big Bad Wolf next year will be better and bring more books. My best wishes for you! See ya!

Flash Info:
1. Opening hours           : 24 hours from April 21 to may 2
2. Address                      : Hall 7 to 10, ICE BSD, Tangeang
3. Best visit time            : Midnight
4. Car park                     : Yes
5. Public transportation : Train, Ojek online, taxi, taxi online
6. Food court area          : Yes. But you need to pay with Mandiri card
7. Preparation                 : Book list, water, snack, pray set. It will be better if you have Mandiri Card

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  1. dapet tiket vip? tau gitu kmeren titip km vik, aku kemaren pake jastip buat nitip beliin edubook buat anak. Sama km kan mungkin bisa gretong gak perlu pake biaya jasa titip #huh wkwkwkwk