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Maret 05, 2015 fikhanza 3 Comments

Hi guys! Have you ever heard about Jogja? Beautiful city in Java Island, Indonesia. Famous with delicious food, rich culture and many amazing attractions.

Jogja's Logo
Malioboro, the famous street in Jogjakarta ready to say welcome to you. Prambanan temple, the most beautiful Hindu temple ready to give her sweet smile. The Royal Palace ready to hold you. That's Jogja. We call it Jogja Istimewa, it means Jogja the special one.

But how much spending we should prepare for a trip to Jogja? Is it expensive? Is there any cheap hotel with cool facilities in Jogja? Listen, I will tell you ;)

The name is Edu Hostel. A cost efficient hostel with complete facilities, located close to Malioboro Street. It's just 10 minutes walking from Tugu Station. 10 minutes walking from Malioboro street and 10 minutes walking to King's Palace.

Every room has 6 beds. There are 2 shower rooms and 1 toilet in every room. Also an air conditioner to make you comfort. You only need to pay for 8 USD to get one bed per night. Price include towel, blanket, breakfast, locker and free parking. They also allow you to enjoy their Dipping Pool and entertainment room where guest can watch television, play guitar and read books. If you need internet connection, you can use their internet corner ( in front of the lobby). For your information, room for men and room for women located on different floors. And only guest with RFID card can enter the room.

Every room has 6 beds
Shower rooms and toilet
Lesehan Area / Entertainment Room
Lesehan Area / Entertainment Room
Mini Library in Lesehan Area / Entertainment Room
Guitars in Lesehan Area / Entertainment Room
You can enjoy your breakfast at 5th floor. The view is really beautiful in sunrise and sunset time. Edu Hostel has comfortable chairs and sofa in this floor so people can relax and enjoy the view. You can go to 6th floor, their 360 view rooftop. This is my fav floor where I can see the sky, pose in front of mural and chit chat with new friends on the comfort chairs.

Dining Room (Indoor)
Breakfast menu with local food
Dining Room ( outdoor)
5th floor: Dipping pool and chairs

Sofa and mini garden in 5th floor
5th Floor
Mural Art in 6th Floor
5th Floor
Edu Hostel has a program called "Teach English" to you, who want to share your English to local people around Edu Hostel & Malioboro. Edu Hostel believes, you can learn local culture from this program, and people can learn something from you. That's the art of take and give, and a good traveler not only enjoy the city but also give something to others, agree? :)

Painting in 1st Floor
Wall Magazine in 1st Floor
So if you want to visit Yogyakarta, you can come to Edu Hostel. Reach them on:

Address: Jl Let Jen Suprapto No. 17 Ngampilan, Yogyakarta 55261, Indonesia
(+62) 274-543 295
Facebook: Edu Hostel Jogja
Twitter: @

Cheers, @fikhanza
Nb: I really happy if you can give correction and help me to improve my English through this post. Just leave me your comments :)

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  2. Wiii.. keliatan murah dan berkualitas bagnet kalo di bawah 10 dollar :3

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