Try Your Virtual Sneaker!

September 10, 2012 fikhanza 0 Comments

What do you think, if you come to shoes outlet and look many cute sneakers there? If you ask me, honestly I just remember one word, CONFUSED! Don't you? ^-^

Sometimes I really wanna try all of them. But can you imagine how much time that you need? Ourrggh! So how can I find the best sneaker for my foot?

In this social media and hi-tech era, nothing is impossible. Come on, help me to shout, BIM SALABIM! Yeay! This is it, an Augmented Reality application for Converse user. All you need is an Apple iPhone (or iPod maybe). Just find this app, named The Sampler by Converse . Download, install, and VOILA..... Now you can try on a pair of Converse, virtually! Wohooo!

If you need your friends opinion, just share the image on your facebook. It will automatically post on your facebook. So simple, right? If you fallin love with your virtual Converse, just click Buy Now button. Purchase it, and it will be yours. Happy explore and find your "mate" :*