Sneaker For Union Jack Lovers!

September 07, 2012 fikhanza 0 Comments

Londooooon! What do you think about this city? I guess you still remember about Olympic Games, heh? Gotcha!
I've many friends that really love Union Jack and really excited about London. Most of them wanna be there. What happened in London? Hahaha you can guess it, guys!

But heeeeeey, if you are sneaker lovers and fallin love with union jack, I found something for you. This is it, New Balance 2012 Union Jack Edition. You can find it at New Balance 574 and New Balance 420. Trust me guys, this sneaker looks so cool (and so London of course, hihi). Wanna see them? I catch it for you! (sssttt, if you buy it, pls give me one. I want it too! Haha)