Say Hi to Converse Father!

September 04, 2012 fikhanza 0 Comments

Yeay! I always love to write about sneaker. So here it is for you all, guys!
I'm sure you know and really really know about this brand, Converse! This is one of my fav sneaker and I think so do you.

BUT, have you ever know about their founder? Who's that people? If you imagine that he is a stylist man, I don't think so. Marquis M. Converse, yes he is! Found Converse as a shoes company in 1908 when he was 30 years old (How about you? What company do you want to build at 30? Think! Hihi)

Come on, guys! Let's shake your hand with my dearest friend (Haha big lie!), Mr Marquis M. Converse! *applause* *drum roll*

Half body photo version

SEE! He said he is my friend! SEE! :D

Not FOKE supporter although he has mustache